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Holly’s number one focus is ensuring you receive the support, empowerment and understanding you need to improve your health and wellbeing.


Using dietary and lifestyle interventions, her primary goal is to arm you with the skills you require to make healthy, balanced choices with your individual bodies needs and lifestyle in mind. Holly works with a range of different health conditions, though specialises in weight management and metabolic conditions.


Holly’s clinic is located in the heart of Sydney in Redfern but also offers online consultations for both national and international clients. Holly offers a range of nutritional services including one on one nutritional consultations, brand consultancy, corporate seminars and nutritional presentations, as well as specific hands-on nutrition support.

Nutritional Consultations
Nutritional Support
Corporate Wellness

Face-to-Face in Sydney CBD or Online Consultations.

Family Nutrition, Kitchen Resets, Shopping Consultations and Personalised Food Plans.

Tailor-made Nutritional Talks

and Workshops For Your Workplace. 

Brand Consultancy + Media

Expert Nutritional Consultancy and Media Support.


Initial nutritional consultations typically run for 60-90 minutes, allowing plenty of time for a detailed picture of your position to be formulated and for targeted goals to be discussed and put into motion. 


The initial consultation includes a full health assessment, dietary history and lifestyle evaluation to guide an individualised treatment plan that meets your specific goals and needs. All treatment plans are centred on positive dietary and lifestyle changes and will be workshopped with the client and then detailed in a simple and practical plan. Recommendations for nutritional supplementation and further testing will also be provided where necessary. 


Follow-up consultations are usually recommended 3-4 weeks following an initial appointment. For greatest results, Holly likes to see patients every month for a few sessions, depending on their needs and goals. Follow-up consultations include assessment of a clients progress and adjustments to the treatment plan where required, reviewing of test results, continued education and new ideas to ensure a client’s dietary intake is varied and exciting. Follow-ups also give the client a vital checkpoint for accountability. 

All prospective clients have the opportunity to book a complimentary introductory chat before committing to an initial consultation. Holly offers this precommitment phone chat to ensure she is the right match for you.

  • 15 Minute Introductory Chat - Complimentary 

  • Initial Consultations - $160 

  • Follow-Up Consultations - $80

  • Express Follow-Up Consultations - $50


Looking to take the step towards improving your health but don’t know where to start? Holly not only works with patients in a clinical setting but also offers ‘in-house’ sessions. During these sessions, Holly guides you through the practical parts of healthy living, giving you hands-on advice and the tools you need to make good nutrition part of your everyday routine. Be it what you should be putting in your shopping basket, how to read nutrition labels, streamlining your kitchen or creating tailor-made meal plans and recipes to suit the whole family, Holly will find a way to work for you. Nutritional support sessions can include one or a combination of the following:​

  • Kitchen Reset 

  • Shopping Consultation 

  • Personalised Food Plan (for an individual or family)


​Prices TBC following the understanding of a client’s specific wants and needs.


As a Clinical Nutritionist, Holly is well-qualified to offer expert nutritional consultancy and media support to organisations wanting to improve the health and nutrition profile of their products, services or customers.  


Whether it be a single or a series of workshops, nutrition education in the workplace really can motivate employees and bring substantial business benefits. There is no denying that businesses and staff are under constant pressure to deliver more than ever. To ensure all staff are supported and workplaces remain healthy and productive, Holly can create a tailor-made package to ensure you achieve your specific objectives. 


Holly offers workshops and presentations for your workplace based on a diverse range of key topics, with the adaptability to cater to the unique requirements and environment of your workplace. Holly can present to you and your colleagues on key topics such as: ​

  • How to Pack a Healthy Work Breakfast and Lunch 

  • Nutrition for Enhanced Energy and Performance 

  • Food and Mood

  • Meal Prepping: Learn to Prep Like a Pro

  • Snacking 101: Healthy Snack Options To See You Through The Day


Where a canteen is available, a nutritional review of menu options, ingredients and cooking methods keeping mindful of any budget will allow Holly to achieve discrete changes that result in a swift return on investment. 


Prices TBC following the understanding of a client’s specific wants and needs.