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Are The Same Barriers Getting in The Way of Your Best Intentions Each Week?

Have you been trying to make healthier choices, or working towards a particular goal or habit and are finding yourself not being able to action the steps needed to see it through?

What I want you to do is take a moment to reflect on the days or weeks that have passed and think about what didn’t go to plan.

If you are noticing that it is the same thing every single day or week that is impacting your ability to act or meet that specific goal, then it is completely within your capacity to change this.

For example, having to stay back late at work every night means you get home starving, brain dead and ending up ordering Uber Eats because you haven’t got it in you to cook.

YOU CAN WORK AROUND THIS! Because now you know what the problem is.

Your goal, cooking, is not being achieved because we are not prepared for the evenings.

If you want to meet this goal, now you understand why it is not happening, you have the power to create a different outcome.

For example, making and freezing meals at the weekend to heat up when you get home or buying easy options that require minimal cook or prepping to pull together after a big day. Or, at least plan what healthier takeaway option you will pick up or order so you don’t default to the most indulgent option.

In comparison, if it is something completely random that has come up out of the blue and messed up your day or week. That’s fine too! It’s part of life and things will never be perfect. Some things are out of our control.

What’s important is that we get to the point that when this stuff happens we don’t let it derail us for the rest of the week. One not-so-great meal or one completely rogue day? Not the end of the world. Writing off the entire week because we had one bad day and feel like everything’s ruined now? Ridiculous!

It happened, it didn’t go to plan. We move on and try our best again. As I drum into all my clients, every meal is a new opportunity to make a positive choice. So we shrug it off, move on and don’t carry that energy forward.


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