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Build Your Own Breakfast Bowl

Need a breakfast option that’s easy enough to be whipped up in the office kitchen? I’ve got you covered!

The build-your-own yoghurt bowl is a great option for people who eat work at breakfast and need to be able to assemble something quickly without any cooking or fuss

The beauty of this as a breakfast option is that you can pick up your ingredients at the start of the week and leave them in the work fridge so all you have to is chuck everything together when you arrive in the office

To ensure you’ve got a balanced, nutritious and delicious meal make sure you include each element (protein, carbs, fats + colour)

Now I just want to state that when you’re putting a breakfast like this together, ingredient choice matters

It isn’t just about including each element…

Selecting the RIGHT ingredients is key to ensuring this breakie option will allow you to think, feel and perform at your best. And if you’ve got specific health goals you are working towards, it is even more important we dial this down

For example, there is a big difference between plain, unsweetened high protein yoghurt and highly processed, sweet yoghurt

The same goes for granola and muesli. Opting for a poor granola and yoghurt choice could see you adding a whopping 20g of sugar to your breakfast (that’s equivalent to 5 teaspoons of sugar!)

So when you’re selecting your ingredients make sure you are opting for ones that are going to support your nutritional needs, not set you back

The serving sizes of each element will depend on your preferences and unique health goals. Need to know what this looks like for you? Let me help - I’m here to help you bridge the gap between nutrition knowledge and action so why not book a complimentary introductory call and let’s create your ultimate food framework.

Now… what’s your favourite combination?


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