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Coffee Consumption and Health

There’s always going to be those days where we need a bit more of a helping hand from caffeine, but if you are dependent on numerous coffees a day just to be a semi-functioning human it might be time to stop and think. Especially if you are have issues with sleep or anxiety. ⁣⁣

First I’d just like to say I have no issue with coffee and this post isn’t me trying to get you to ditch it altogether. There’s actually a vast amount of research on the health benefits of coffee and it can most definitely be part of a healthy lifestyle. My problem with caffeine is when people use it to deal with other areas of their life that may need a bit more attention, instead of dealing with the actual underlying cause.⁣⁣

If you can’t function without coffee you might what to consider: ⁣⁣

  • what’s your sleep like... Are you getting enough? Are you waking unrefreshed? (a sign your probably not)

  • are you really stressed? (jacking yourself with stimulating caffeine when highly stressed for many people - especially those prone to anxiety is not a great idea)

  • are you eating the right foods to set you up for a balanced and energy-fuelled day? And no... a coffee is a not a substitute for breakfast

  • are you physically active enough? Energy breeds energy

  • are you actually motivated and happy in your job? ⁣⁣

And if you can’t go to the bathroom without a coffee (this is extremely common) consider the following:⁣

  • are you having enough fiber and fluid throughout the day? ⁣⁣

  • are you moving enough to stimulate your bowels? ⁣⁣

  • could your diet be improved? ⁣⁣

So what’s my advice? Limit your daily coffee intake to a maximum of 2 per day, and they need to be consumed 12 hours before you plan to hit the pillow. Yep, caffeine has a quarter-life of 12 hours - meaning that coffee at lunch could be the reason your not getting a deep sleep at night. Also ditch the added sugar. Your taste buds will adjust. Life will go on.


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