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Easy Ways To Support Weight Loss (Without Counting Calories)

Weight loss happens when we are in an energy or calorie deficit.

But that doesn’t mean our only option for weight loss is ‘calorie counting’. Think about it like this…

  • Goal: Weight loss or fat loss

  • Principle/method of action: calorie deficit

  • Tools/Facilitators: calorie counting, healthier eating, smaller portions, less snacking, fasting, more movement, higher protein intake, more vegetables and so on

For some tracking and calorie awareness is helpful, for others it’s not! And that’s ok. It is just one of the tools we can use to help us.

There are many other ‘tools’ we can use!

It’s just about finding the right approach for you and working out how to implement it on a day-to-day basis.

So if you’re someone who’s sick of just being told ‘you need to eat less’ or having ‘calorie deficit’ shouted at you over and over again, here are some actionable strategies you can go about reducing your overall energy intake and support weight loss - without calorie tracking.

Minimise or stop snacking

  • This is a straightforward way to reduce mindless calorie consumption and instead allow you to focus your meals on high-quality, healthy meals

Reduce the amount you eat at meals by implementing portion control

  • This can be achieved by: eating with smaller plates/bowls, measuring food servings, taking less overall volume than usual, and eating slower across the meal to feel more full

Conscious Consumption

  • Cooking more at home, eating less takeaway, reducing alcohol intake, increasing nutritional knowledge

Increasing Energy Output

  • Exercising more (harder weight sessions, greater intensity, more cardio), increasing incidental activity (NEAT)

I hope this helps! And for those that are looking for specific, 1 on 1 support to help you manage your weight, there are various ways we can work together that will ensure you get the care, knowledge, tailored advice and accountability needed to help you.


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