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Weight Loss Transformations: More Than Just A Picture

Here’s something that I think set’s me aside as a nutritionist in the weight loss industry…

… I’ll never use photos of my body, or my client’s body transformations to sell my services.

I get it. Sex sells, and for some, seeing pictures of someone before and after can be highly motivating. And if that’s what you need to see to get started on your health journey, there is nothing wrong with that.

But for me, personally, I know my body is going to fluctuate and change over my career and my lifetime and I never want to rely on my body being the ‘proof of my expertise’ or selling point for my nutritional services.

And in regards to my clients, I’m fortunate to have worked with many people on their weight loss journeys and I’m proud to say I’ve got some jaw-dropping transformations to date.

However, I take a very holistic approach to weight loss with my clients and for me, someone’s transformation can not be reduced to a single image that purely depicts fat loss.

While fat loss is obviously the aim of the game when you are trying to lose weight, what photos don’t show is the transformation in someone’s mindset, pride, confidence, energy levels and nutrition education - basically, all the things you GAIN when you make lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable weight loss.

So when someone is picking me as their nutritionist to support them on their weight loss journey, I want them to do so based on: how qualified they think I am, if they resonate with my approach and messaging and if they feel they’d connect and be able to talk openly with me.


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