I’m Holly, a Sydney-based Accredited Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc).

I set out on my path as a nutritionist out of a desire to empower people towards an enhanced appreciation for greater health and well-being. My own personal health struggles started me on a journey that left me completely fascinated by the human body, amazed by the power of food and committed to spreading the importance of a holistic attitude towards our physical and mental health. 

For me, health should always be an integrative approach that considers the body as a whole unified system, as opposed to separating it into different organs and isolating conditions. 

No matter where you are on your journey, I'm here to empower you to reclaim the balance and nourishment you deserve with your eating habits.


I practice a holistic and individualised approach to health management, focusing on the physical and psychological causes of my patient's ill-health and the importance of prioritising personalised dietary and lifestyle changes as the core of recovery.


I'm here to debunk myths and misconceptions, arming my patients with practical and trustworthy knowledge that gives them the power to take steps that will positively impact their health and well-being in the long term. 

Researched and evidence-based practice underlies everything I do. I firmly believe that Nutritional Medicine does not in any way shun conventional medicine, but it can be a very effective and powerful tool to help work alongside, reduce or even eliminate our need for it.


Alongside my nutrition practice, I work for the Sydney University School of Public Health in the Kids Research facility. I’m incredibly passionate about health equality and feel very fortunate to be able to contribute in both the public and private sectors.


Rather than scaring people into a restrictive way of eating, my food philosophy is to help people discover and celebrate nutritious, delicious and health-promoting food. Food that is accessible, easy to make, flavoursome and follows the nutritional principles of eating a balance of macro and micronutrients from whole foods.

Food is nourishment and the single most important predictor of our health, but the food is also connection, tradition and pleasure. Eating for health includes honouring the many roles food plays in our lives and appreciating all facets of this spectrum. 


For me, education is the answer. How can you fix a car if you don't know how the mechanics work? It's time to debunk myths and misconceptions and offer simple, fad-free, sustainable solutions to take care of our bodies and minds. 



Always seek guidance for an experienced and degree qualified practitioner. As exciting as the wave rippling through on social media is for awareness, there is, unfortunately, a lot of information being shared that is unsafe and quite frankly - incorrect. Tune into your own body and remember to always seek professional help when it comes to your health and well-being.


While the food we consume is important, optimum health spans far beyond the food we choose to put on our plate... There’s room on your plate for life as well.