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8 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the topics with the most misinformation and confusion surrounding it on the internet!

It’s honestly such a minefield and there is no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed, stressed and lost when it comes to knowing how to lose weight and what that actually looks like on a day-to-day basis for them.

Here are 8 things I wish everyone knew as a weight loss nutritionist…

1. Eating healthily won’t necessarily result in weight loss

  • Whilst eating healthily is always recommended and a great place to start, eating ‘healthier’ won’t result in weight loss unless your overall calorie intake has reduced

2. Low fat or low carb isn’t significantly better for weight loss

  • The current body of research we have (which is actually a lot!) does not show a significant difference between low-carb and low-fat approaches for fat loss when calories are matched

3. Moderate hunger is a normal part of the process

  • When dieting you are intentionally under fuelling your body to create a calorie deficit. Hunger is a normal response to this calorie deficit and is an expected part of the process.

  • However, there is a range of hunger management strategies we can use to minimise this hunger, ensuring it does not impact your day-to-day functioning or quality of life

4. You shouldn’t be aiming for weight loss all of the time

  • Even if you have a longer weight loss journey ahead of you, it is best to break down your program into periods of calorie deficit, maintenance and surplus from both physiological and psychological perspectives

5. There are many ways you can create a calorie deficit

  • The crucial factor for weight loss to occur is being in a calorie deficit, HOWEVER, there are many different ways to create a deficit!

  • Calorie tracking is not the only way and everyone is different as to which approach works and feels best for them

6. Starvation mode is not a real thing

  • Sorry internet, but you can’t go so low in calorie intake that your body completely prevents weight loss from occurring

  • Metabolic adaptation however is a real thing… but that’s for another video!

7. Your mindset matters just as much as your food intake

  • Your mindset is what drives your daily behaviours and choices such as your food intake, exercise, and sleep

  • If your mind isn’t in a place that is setting you up to execute the behaviours you need to on a daily basis to facilitate weight loss, there will be no weight loss

8. Weight loss isn’t for everyone

  • Whilst weight loss can be a healthy and necessary pursuit for some, it can be damaging and problematic for others, particularly those who struggle with their relationship with food

  • You should always make sure you are in the right place prior to starting any weight loss intervention

Now… Have any of these surprised you? Or is there something you want to know more about? Let me know!

If you know you’re ready to start the journey towards sustainable, health-focused weight loss find out how you can work with me by popping me an email or booking a complimentary 15-minute discovery call via my booking link. Let’s wrap up this year as a healthier and happy you 💫


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