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Are You Approaching Your Weight Loss Journey With The Wrong Attitude?

Would you rather...

  • Lose 10kg in 10 weeks... but put back on 15kg 6 months later?

  • Lose 10kg in 10 months... but keep it off forever?

The answer seems glaringly obvious, right?

Then why does everyone always seem to go for the other option?!

Well, in a world where rapid, extreme or insane results are admired, steady and sustainable approaches are often rejected by dieters or those wanting to shake up their health. They aren’t sexy enough. They aren’t exciting enough. It surely can’t be that simple. They don’t get amazing results in even more amazing time frames.

There are various ways you can approach it, but no matter which overall dietary strategy you choose to employ, sustaining fat loss is difficult. The most successful diet to lose weight and keep if off is one that you can sustain. This is why more often than not, an approach that favours incremental lifestyle and behaviour change will yield the best results.

Most self-confessed ‘chronic dieters’ will attest that they don’t necessarily have a problem losing fat, it’s sustaining the fat loss (and then not surpassing their starting point) that seems near impossible.

Good things take time and the reality is, to make a long-term, successful and health-centric change to your health that impacts weight - you have to be willing to put in the time.

In a time when immediate gratification and results are expected, employing a moderate approach can seem ineffective and painstaking at first. But with the right nutritional and behavioural support, patience and consistency, incremental behaviour changes WILL result in sustained fat loss. More often than not, when it comes to fat loss, slow and steady wins the race.

I think it is important to note that like with everything, there will always be exceptions to the rule here. I have some clients who, for various reasons have had to take a more rapid approach to their fat loss and have still maintained long-term results. But they have done so under my supervision to ensure optimal health is maintained, whilst also having done the work to ensure they are in the appropriate head space to handle the drastic change, meaning that they have been able to maintain their weight loss. But this is certainly the minority of patients, not the majority.

Want to know how you should be approaching your weight management goals? Contact me to book your free discovery call today and make this time the last time you ‘start again’.

And remember… consistently good will always beat intermittently perfect 💫


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