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Are You Confused About What You Need To Do To Lose Weight?

Are you confused about what you need to do to lose weight?

Here are my top tips for anyone looking to lose weight this year… 

  • Firstly, remember you cannot neglect how much you are consuming. Making sure you are eating the right amount of food (referred to as a calorie deficit) is first and foremost when it comes to weight loss. There are many ways you can approach this, but there is no way around it!

  • Have a structure and plan for your meals and snacks… a flexible plan, is still a plan!

  • Prioritise and build your meals around whole, nutritious foods

  • Tune into your hunger signals… eat when you’re physically hungry and stop when you’re full. For example, mine are a slight growling in my stomach and difficulty concentrating when I’m hungry and then a very slight feeling of fullness and ‘nothingness’ when I’m satisfied and full.

  • Eat fun foods in moderation - no food is has to be off-limits.

  • Enrich your life in other areas apart from food.

  • Practice self-compassion - the words you speak become the house you live in, so change that internal voice and be kind to yourself.

Do you feel like you need support actioning any of these tips? if so, I’d love to help. Why not book a complimentary introductory call so we can chat about how I can help you lose weight healthily for the last time, without deprivation.


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