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Are You Making Any Of These Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm?

Here are some of the most common mistakes I see people making towards the end of the day that are hindering their weight loss goals, and interestingly enough it they are usually always making them after 5pm!

1. Not having a quick, easy and delicious dinner to look forward to

And yes I said quick! It is just a case of knowing how to pull a meal together quickly and there are so many ways you can do this. I guarantee you there are ways to get a meal on the table for cheaper, quicker and easier than Uber Eats

2. Not eating ENOUGH at dinner

Make sure to get in protein, healthy fats, and veg. Follow my handy plate guidelines to help you put a balanced and satisfying meal together (1 palm of protein, 2 big handfuls of non-starchy vegetables, a thumb of healthy fats + 1 small handful of high-fibre carbohydrates)

3. Restricting dessert

If you want something sweet after dinner - that’s ok! You just need to 1) plan and factor it in as part of your total weekly consumption 2) ensure you portion up and enjoy a sensible serving, as well as eating it mindfully

4. Not setting a bedtime or prioritising sleep

Without a set bedtime you will more than likely find yourself staying up later, binging a series and binging a load of snacks at the same time! Not only will this make you more likely to overeat, but if you’re sleep deprived and tired it makes it so much harder to get up the following morning, do some movement and to stick to healthy eating habits the following day

... Do you struggle with any of these?

If so let me know, I’d love to help you optimise your day and set you up for sustainable and health focussed weight loss success


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