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Can't Lose Weight? You Might Need To Stop Confusing Content For Coaching!

Do you feel like you're swimming in a sea of information when it comes to weight loss?

You follow all the top podcasts, save all the recipes and workouts and know exactly what your morning routine should look like, yet despite this, feel like you're not getting any closer to your health and weight loss goals?

As as weight loss nutritionist who has supported hundreds on people on their weight loss journeys, I can tell you exactly where you are going wrong. It's that you are confusing content for coaching.

Now, there is actually a lot of good content out there, but regardless of how good and factually correct it is, not every single thing you read on the internet or listen to on a podcast about weight loss is relevant to you.

In fact, I would go as far as to say probably less than 15% of the content you are engaging with online is actually relevant to you.

There is too much information which leads to confusion and what ends up happening is that people spend their time flip-flopping between various recommendations they have picked up along the way that they try to execute with no strategy.

And what we get when we inconsistently execute an incomplete strategy that isn't tailored to the individual is what feels like a LOT of effort for minimal to no results.

So while content serves a purpose, please don't confuse content with personalised support and guidance.

If long-term weight loss is something you really want to achieve, find a professional who can help you work out what you need to put in place, and support you in implementing a strategy you can consistently achieve to get there.

And if you're not sure about investing in professional expertise to help you, the question I would ask is: 'what is the physical and mental cost of you NOT achieving this going to be?'.


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