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Feel Like You're Hungry ALLL The Time? Read This...

HUNGRY ALL THE TIME? It could be because… You’re sleep deprived

Increased hunger is due to the body compensating for the energy lost from poor sleep to support bodily functions, boost our energy levels and relieve us from tiredness You eat when you’re distracted

Distraction and busyness can override our innate hunger and fullness cues, as well impacting our feeling of post-meal satisfaction Your meals are out of balance

If your meals are balanced and contain the right nutrients in the right amounts then you will feel fuller and satisfied for longer, as well as improve your overall energy intake You aren’t fuelling correctly around your workouts

Not fuelling correctly will impair your performance and recovery and leave you yearning for more energy later in the day in the form of quick, sugary snacks You’re not eating enough protein

Protein is the most satisfying of all the macronutrients, keeping us feeling fuller for longer, as well as stabilising our blood sugar levels You’re not eating enough fibre

Fibre slows down digestion and helps keep us feeling fuller for longer You’re confusing emotional hunger for physical hunger

You’re not actually hungry, you are stressed, bored, procrastinating, looking comfort or joy You’re eating too many refined and highly processed foods

Highly processed foods are often ‘empty’, failing to provide us with much nutrition or substance (meaning they aren’t able to physically satisfy our hunger) and because of the way their palatability is able to override our reward centres in the brain, we find it much harder to stop after a reasonable intake, thanks to the sweet, salty, crunchy, fatty deliciousness they offer You’re dehydrated

Mild dehydration is often masked as feelings of hunger, when really your body just needs fluids You’re not eating enough in general

I usually see this when people are trying to be ‘healthy’ or ‘good’ which involves skipping meals or not eating enough, which leaves them constantly hungry and grazing, more often ending up eating more across the day than they would if they ate a satisfying main meal

Are any of these ringing true for you? If so, let's get them sorted so you can get through the day feeling fulled and nourished, leaving you able to focus your time and energy on the things that really matter.


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