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For the Love of Bread!

Confused as to why a coeliac nutritionist would be saying such words? ⁣

This might come as a shock to everyone who has been led to believe a healthy diet can’t possibly include bread, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with bread as long as you choose wisely and eat sensibly. ⁣

In fact, a healthy slice of bread can provide plenty of nutrients, such as whole grains, fibre, minerals and vitamins. ⁣

Like all carbohydrates, it’s all about quality and quantity. When it comes to bread, it boils down to making sure you pick a good variety/brand, don’t go overboard or let it become the basis of your diet and making sure you team it with the right foods. ⁣

👀 Here’s what should you be looking for:⁣

✔️ Opt for unprocessed, whole grains over refined grains - you want the first ingredient to ideally start with the word ‘whole’ - if it doesn’t the base is probably a refined flour⁣

✔️ Watch out for added sugars, fillers and vegetable oils⁣

✔️ Be mindful of high levels of sodium ⁣

🔎 Don’t be fooled by fancy packaging and writing on the front! Always take a peek at the ingredients list and if it’s as long as your arm and whole foods (such as whole wheat, spelt, rye, sorghum, buckwheat, barley) don’t make up the bulk of the list, leave it on the shelf. Sourdough, whole grains or sprouted grain breads are your best bet. ⁣

🍽 Now you know what breads are the best to go for, here’s how to include bread in your diet as a speedy and healthy meal option:⁣

✔️ Add protein ⁣

✔️ Add colour ⁣

✔️ Add healthy fats ⁣

💁🏽‍♀️ Want some examples?⁣

🥑 Top with eggs, smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and a handful of spinach ⁣

🐟 Make an open sandwich with tuna, rocket, cucumber and tomato⁣

🥜 Top with natural peanut butter, sliced banana and sprinkle with hemp or chia seeds⁣

🥗 Top with homemade baked beans (there’s a great recipe on my feed) and a crunchy green salad⁣

🧀 Top with feta cheese, sliced pear and toasted seeds⁣


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