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Healthy Eating VS Weight Loss, Do You Know The Difference?

Healthy eating and weight loss... pretty much the same thing, right?

Not quite...

If you've got weight loss goals, here's why healthy eating alone might not be yielding you the results you are looking for.

Eating for weight loss can (and should) include healthy eating principles, but eating healthily does NOT automatically mean you will lose weight

While there is often overlap, it is important to understand that 'healthy eating' and 'weight loss' are two different concepts.

We should all be trying to eat healthily, but not everyone wants or needs to lose weight.

For some, following a healthier diet and making positive dietary changes will result in weight loss. But for others, this won't.

This is because while we can make changes to eat a much healthier diet (and reap many health rewards by doing so), if we are still consuming the same amount of total calories, our weight will remain consistent.

So if weight loss is your goal, healthy eating practices are a great place to start and will go a long way in getting you started, as well as supporting the sustainability and ease of your weight loss.

... BUT you do also need to consider the number of calories you are eating as eating within a calorie deficit is what results in weight loss.

Note - this doesn't have to mean calorie counting! There are many ways we can approach this. But it does need to be a factor if weight loss is your goal.


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