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How Sustainable Are Your Eating Habits?

With the new year approaching it’s about now that people start setting themselves goals and guidelines for the new eating habits/diet/lifestyle, they are going to start in January.

But is what you have set for yourself actually sustainable?

OR if you’re feeling like there’s no point starting to try to make healthier choices because you lack the willpower to stick with them because there is ALWAYS something on?

🪩Well, I hate to break it to you… but there is never going to be a time when there aren’t things happening! Whether it’s a holiday, birthday parties, weddings, stressful/busy weeks, and date nights - there will always be something you can use as an excuse not to start this week or month.

This is exactly why it is so important to follow a way of eating that not only supports your health and aligns with your health goals but that you can actually maintain and enjoy - regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Basically, you have three options…

1. Put yourself on a restrictive food plan that you can only follow when you’re at home alone with no one else and aren’t busy/stressed/tired and are feeling 100% on top of your game

2. Do nothing for now and wait for the ‘right time’ (… which will never arrive)

3. Learn how to eat for your health goals, whilst STILL being able to be present and enjoy all the fun things life has to offer

Food is the single most important predictor of our health, but food is also enjoyment, pleasure, culture, connection and fun. So if you’re sick of waiting for the right time or following boring and unsustainable food plans that leave you feeling deprived or like throwing in the towel, let me help.

I help people just like you find the perfect way of eating for them, so they can feel happy, healthy and confident in their bodies without ever having to miss out. Ready to find out more? Book in your free introductory call today.


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