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How To Protein Boost Your Avo On Toast

When I take a dietary recall with my patients, avocado on toast is by far the most common breakfast I see patients opting for on a day to day basis.

Just like my patients, I love a slice of bread toasted perfection and topped with avocado, a drizzle of lemon juice and some salt/pepper.

… BUT I do have one issue with this go-to breakfast option, which is that it is lacking in one crucial macronutrient - protein.

I bang on about protein a lot, and for good reason. Optimal protein intake is key for appetite control, weight loss, athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery, neurotransmitter function and energy optimisation.

When it comes to the primary role it plays as part of your balanced plate, protein is the star of appetite control, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. If your breakfast (and meals in general) are lacking in protein you are going to find yourself much more likely to experience post-meal hunger, sugar cravings and energy dips.

Regardless of your health goals, protein is something we all need to ensure we are getting enough of across the day.

Shown in the graphic are sources of protein you can easily add as toppings/sides to make it a balanced and complete meal.

So, by all means, have your avo on toast for breakfast, but make sure you add some protein. Bonus points if you add some extra plants (tomatoes, spinach etc) as well…

Unsure of how much protein you should be aiming for at each meal? Get in touch to find out how I can help you optimise your diet and reach your goals


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