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Is Your Love Of Food Making Weight Loss Really Difficult?

Do you dread losing weight because you think you are going to be miserable? Or think you can’t lose weight because you just love food too much?

If so, let me help and share with you something I discuss with my clients.

Firstly, an important reminder… you can still enjoy your favourite foods whilst you are working towards weight loss!

Your favourite food doesn’t = weight gain.

Putting on weight is an accumulative process that occurs by eating too much food in general over time.

So it’s not that one particular food that has to go, it’s over-consuming in general and how that food plays a part in the rest of your diet that we need to work on.

Now I’m going to use myself as one example here… I LOVE chocolate.

And there’s no way I am going to completely give it up, but just because I don’t want to give it up doesn’t mean that my only option is to have no control over my consumption of it.

Because when I seriously ask myself, “do I REALLY enjoy eating a whole family-sized bar of chocolate or an entire box of it?” my answer is actually NO…

Because the truth is that while I do love chocolate, I only love eating chocolate when I eat portions that feel good in my body. Because when I overeat chocolate, regardless of anything nutrition related, I actually don’t feel good and don’t like that feeling.

So next time you think you can’t lose weight because you love X food too much or will be miserable without it, remind yourself:

Eating portions that are right for my body is actually more enjoyable than overeating because I don’t feel good when I’m bloated, uncomfortable or overfull

I hope this helps!


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