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Just Because You Haven't Got It In You To Cook A Perfect Meal...

A very important reminder for anyone who finds themselves often falling into the 'all or nothing' mentality...

Just because you haven't got it in you to cook a ‘perfect' meal...

That doesn’t mean you need to fly off the other end of the spectrum and eat rubbish!

There are so many perfectly good options in between 'ideal choice' and 'ultimate blowout'.

I drum this into all my clients and really encourage them to keep this in mind on those ‘I really can’t be bothered’ days.

It is just a case of knowing what other options are available to you, knowing they are still great options and giving yourself a chance to make them.

Here’s what you need to do…

1️⃣ First, flip your mindset from 'if I can't do it perfectly I won't try at all' to ‘What'sthe best decision I can make based on the options available to me today?'

2️⃣ Second, be prepared with ideas/options/action plans of perfectly fine alternatives you can turn to in these CBFA moments

It might be writing down the suggestions I’ve given on a list for you to refer to instead of jumping on Uber Eats as you usually do.

Or it might be going one step further and when you are shopping for the week you make sure you have some backups considered and in the fridge/freezer so you are prepared for the inevitable reality that you are most likely not going to stick to your exact plan every day this week… Which is 100% ok.

Just remember that just because it wasn’t exactly what you intended, doesn’t mean it is a meal wasted.

Regardless of your health goals, you will never regret staying consistent and trying to do the best you can, rather than seeing it as all or nothing.

It is much easier to dial up and down the anti instead of blowing out on junk food and then saying you will 'start all over again' tomorrow.

Hope this helps x


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