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Overate During The Christmas Period? Do This...

Firstly, I hope you had a happy Christmas!

Now if you overate over the past few days, and are unhappy about that (or if you overate and aren't unhappy about that - amazing!), let's talk about what to do now.

The most important mindset shift here is not blowing Christmas out of proportion.

Choose to not think to yourself: "Well, I might as well continue overeating or eating foods that don't keep my body feeling its best until New Year and then I’ll just start over in January… “

Perspective check - Christmas is a few meals out of the 1000+ other meals you'll eat all year!

So today… if you’re feeling a bit urghhh, all you need to do is eat when you're actually hungry, and stop eating when you're full.

There’s no need to restrict or punish yourself for what you ate over the past few days.

Today is a new day, and every meal is a new opportunity to make delicious food choices on the types and quantities of food that align with how you want to feel in your body AFTER you’ve finished your meal.

So it’s not about restriction, it’s about making choices that align with what makes you feel GOOD.

So shake off yesterday or the past few days, and choose to be kind to yourself and your body today.


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