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So, You Have A Food Plan, But What About A Thought Plan?

One of the main reasons that so many people are not successful with achieving and sustaining weight loss is that they have a food plan but don’t have a thought plan.

A thought or mindset plan, whatever you what to call it, is basically a plan for how you’re going to talk to yourself and respond when things well… don’t go to plan.

You can pretty much follow any well-designed meal or dietary plan and lose weight, but what 95% of those plans won’t teach you is how to talk yourself through the weight-loss process.

So for example…

  • You said you’d just have 1 square of chocolate and now you are almost half the way through the family-sized bar

  • You ended up ordering Uber eats instead of cooking

  • The scale isn’t showing the number you hoped, despite you following ‘your plan’ to the letter

These are all very common and likely scenarios that are bound to happen in some shape or form at some stage of your weight loss journey.

And if you don’t have a mindset plan, every time something like this happens (and trust me there will always be something!) you’ll be knocked off your feet, feel like everything is ruined, decide you will ‘start again’ next week or want to give up entirely.

Now not only is this a horrible mental cycle to be stuck in, but it also isn’t getting you any closer to achieving your goals.

Whereas in comparison… having a self-compassionate thought plan and set of mindset tools is going to be the key to your weight loss success.

Because if you’ve got this in place, you have the knowledge and skills to overcome every one of those hurdles I just listed, and keep on moving forward towards your goal.

So before starting your next diet or food plan, I encourage you to stop and think about how you can set your mindset up for success as well.


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