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Struggling To Lose Weight? You Might Want To Read This

A little bit of tough love…

Now firstly, I just want to state that there are most definitely many factors and circumstances that make it biologically harder for some people to lose weight than others.

Hormones, metabolism, thyroid conditions, medications, genetics, and gut microbiota imbalances… These are all physiological issues that are very much real and can impact someone’s ability to lose weight.

BUT! Just because it is a potential barrier people could face, doesn’t mean it’s a given for someone who’s struggling with their weight.

Now I largely blame wellness wankery in the first place for overcomplicating things and taking these situations and suggesting they are problems everyone has. Because sadly, while we would like to blame these things for our lack of weight loss or maintenance… for most people, this is not the case.

I want to stress that this is not a criticism of anyone who has at any stage assumed this - because the reality is that weight loss is really bloody hard!

With so much misinformation and a million different opinions online when you are jumping from diet to diet and not seeing any results, it is no wonder you are starting to question if weight loss is possible for you.

So if you’re someone who is struggling with weight loss, here’s my advice…

  • If you suspect there might be something else going on, get it investigated and confirmed

  • If you do have something else going on, seek the support of a healthcare practitioner who can help you work with whatever it may be to either overcome it or provide you with the best support alongside it

  • If managing your weight is something you struggle with, let a professional help! Find someone whose approach you align with and allow them to identify your blind spots and support you through the weight loss process

  • Lastly, remember that weight loss IS possible for you

Regardless of where you are starting from and what you are up against, there is always something we can do to help you feel better and take steps towards where you want to be.

It’s just about getting the right support to ensure you can achieve and sustain your goals.


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