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The "I Feel Like Shit and I Don't Know Why" Starter Pack

... Feeling triggered?

Bit of a silly one from me this evening but these are habits and behaviours I see day in and day out and most people don’t realise how much of an impact they can have (individually and even more so when grouped together) on their health and wellbeing

You might not be smashing McDonald’s every day or eating copious amounts of junk food, but you probably aren’t optimising your day to the best of your ability if you are finding that you just feel, well… average

Sadly, most people don’t realise how good they can actually feel

I’m a firm believe that no matter where you are currently there is always something we can do, and for most people a bit of a tidy-up is all that is required to set about positive change that yields quick and substantial results

And for those with more specific health goals, especially weight loss, it is so important that we consider the aspects of our day-to-day routine that have the potential to hold us back or limit us

The days often have a domino effect so if we don’t start nipping these seemingly insignificant but incredibly impactful things in the bud and working on behaviours that are pulling us away from or making the steps we need to action that bit harder we will always be fighting an uphill battle

So if you feel like you should be feeling better than you are or can never seem to make specific health habits stick, it might be time to start looking at your day-to-day and identifying what aspects are keeping you in a rut and stopping you from achieving your health goals

Know something needs to change but have no idea how to get started? That’s what I’m here for! Pop me a message or book one of my complimentary intro chats to find out how you can thrive instead of simply survive.


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