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These Are NOT Meals!

Friendly reminder for those trying to lose weight and make healthier food choices... these are NOT meals!

Please, please don’t skip a proper meal in favour of any of these options...

A proper, balanced meal is going to leave you feeling satisfied, energised and able to effectively manage your food intake and cravings throughout the day.

Having one of the above in place of a ‘meal’ is going to leave you feeling hungry, distracted, and more often than not looking for more food AND overeating later in the day.

Plus dry rice cakes… for lunch (or anytime really)? That’s a no from me… thanks!

So if you’re trying to lose weight and feel like going for one of these options as a meal is going to help let me assure you that it is not a suitable, healthy or realistic long-term solution.

While the foods and beverages I’ve shown above may seem like a ‘lighter’ and ‘smaller’ meal option, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll end up eating way more this way.

As well as negatively impacting your nutrient status, mood, mental clarity, energy and exercise performance.

The best way to stop continuously snacking or overeating, especially in the latter half of the day (which is most clients when they present for their first weight loss consultation!), you need to actually start eating balanced meals at consistent intervals throughout the day.

And when I say eating, I mean a proper meal… which is not a celery stick or a diet coke.

Eat a balanced meal, feel satisfied, and move on with your next few hours with the freedom to focus your brain space, time and energy on all the other things you need to think about.


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