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What's The Best Diet For Weight Loss?

As a Clinical Nutritionist specialising in weight management I am often asked the million dollar question... 'WHAT’S THE BEST DIET TO HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT?!'

The answer to this is that there is no one single approach.

There is no ‘perfect weight loss diet’

But.. There are a key set of dietary principles that EVERY successful approach must have if you want to lose weight healthily and keep it off for good.

Here are my principles for sustainable weight loss:

1. Consume the right amount of food

  • This is quite simply, unavoidable as it is impossible to lose weight if you are eating too much food and not in what we call, a calorie deficit

2. Base the majority of your diet around nourishing, minimally-processed real foods

  • While the amount of food we consume will make or break weight loss, it is just as important to consider the nutritional value of the food making up that energy intake

  • Focussing more on these foods, increases the nutritional density of your diet go up (hello healthier, happier you)

  • Helps with your natural ability to regulate your energy intake - making your journey to weight loss not only easier but a hell of a lot more pleasurable

3. Consume enough protein

  • Adequate protein intake is key!

  • This is due to protein’s effects on appetite control, overall energy intake, metabolism and body mass distribution

  • By nailing your total protein intake and managing the distribution of it across the day, you give yourself a much better chance of sticking with your new eating habits and reaping the weight loss rewards

4. Don’t restrict your favourite foods

  • Completely restricting foods you love is unnecessary and will more than likely cause you to break down/spiral when you can no longer resist the temptation

  • Learning how to incorporate your favourite foods as part of your healthier lifestyle will make the weight loss process feel easier

  • It will also help to set you up for a future where you feel in control around these foods so you can enjoy them as part of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

5. Go for consistency, not perfection

  • The ‘best diet for you’ is the one you can stick to

  • Take into consideration your likes and dislikes, routine, other health factors and budget

  • Focus on the big picture and strive to create a new normal so you can achieve lasting change

If you're thinking great, I know what I need to do but actually putting that into action is a whole other thing... Let me help! Book one of my complimentary, no-obligation introductory chats today and find out how I can help you lose weight for the last time, without deprivation.


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