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Why You Should Never Be Made To Feel Guilty For Wanting To Lose Weight

I’m a firm believer that no one should ever be made to feel guilty for wanting or needing to lose weight.⁣

When I’m working in the clinic with clients it’s about striving for health above all else, but it’s probably no surprise that as a clinical nutritionist specialising in weight management, weight loss is one of the goals that many of my clients are working towards.

The fact of the matter is that even with all the wonderful self-love movement we are still entitled to strive to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. As much as some people hate to hear it, improving health for some does mean working towards a healthier weight.

It should not be a taboo subject to talk about as for many it is simply necessary for health. Be that needing to gain weight OR lose weight. ⁣

Many assume that being the healthiest version of you is the ‘skinniest’ version. This is certainly not the case. I have seen many clients at their unhappiest and unhealthiest when at their lowest weight. There is a balance to be found and for each person, it looks a little different. But it is important that we don’t make those who need to shift closer to a weight that will benefit their health and well-being feel guilty or ashamed.⁣

People need to feel supported and empowered with the information they need to achieve their weight management goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. ⁣

In my practice, looking after someone’s mental and physical health is ALWAYS my main priority. ⁣

I work to educate people away from the fads and quick fixes and show them that by approaching weight loss sensibly you can not only work towards a healthier weight, but you will, more importantly, discover all the other wonderful benefits that come with making positive dietary and lifestyle changes - the improved energy, better sleep, happier digestion, and better moods. ⁣

You realise it is about so much more than looking a certain way. You realise how good it is to FEEL good. The motivation of looking a certain way may have got you started, but what is keeping you going is how you feel. This is what achieves weight loss and improved health in the long term.


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