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Wins I Love To Celebrate With My Nutrition Clients

As a nutritionist specialising in weight management, the number one reason people come to see me in the clinic for nutritional and lifestyle support is obviously weight loss.

However, I really pride myself on providing a holistic approach to weight loss.

An approach that considers the whole person and encourages them not just to see weight loss as their only marker of success, but to consider everything they will also gain as a result of implementing health-promoting practices to support their weight loss.

So as part of their journey with me, I encourage them to celebrate every win, weight-related or not.

This not only helps them start practising self-compassion, confidence and kindness by acknowledging their hard work but also serves as an important reminder to reflect back on if they experience a flat day when everything feels a bit tough (which all of us have).

🫶🏼 I always say there is no such thing as a silly win! And encourage them to write down any little win or positive experience they think of.

It might be waking up and actually feeling refreshed, doing a firm poo for the first time in ages, being less moody before their period, not freaking out and flying off the rails after an indulgent weekend, mastering a new recipe, the return of their sex drive, feeling amazing in a pair of jeans or improved markers on blood tests.

This is the stuff that keeps people going. And it deserves just as much if not more, celebration than the numerical changes to their physique.

So while I will of course monitor weight loss progress via weight, body mass distribution and circumference measurements if a client feels comfortable doing so, we don’t just focus on this and for many people, how they FEEL in their bodies and their ‘little wins’ is the only way they choose to track their progress.


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