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You've Got 99 Reasons To Exercise and Fat Loss Is NOT One!

Make time to move your body today.

Not because you have to earn food or burn off anything (you don’t).

Not because you need to do it for weight loss or muscle gain.

But because you CAN!

Because it is an act of self-care.

Because it benefits your physical health.

Because it benefits your mental health.

Because it helps your sleep.

Because the feelings you experience after exercising far outweigh any initial resistance or can’t be bothered-ness you felt before you did it.

Because I can guarantee you that you will ALWAYS feel better for moving your body in some way.

Because when have you ever gone for a walk, gone to the gym or done some form and movement or activity and regretted it?

The answer is never, isn’t it? Thought so.

So move your body in whatever way you can, based on the energy, time and capacity you have available today.

Exercise will of course be helpful if you are on a weight loss journey, but weight loss shouldn't be the sole reason we exercise.

Remember, you've got 99 reasons to exercise and fat loss is not one.


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